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About Us

Commercial Precious Metals, LLC, and were founded in 2003 out of a life long passion for numismatics. While serving a broad base in numismatics, we have narrowed our specialties to U.S. Trade Dollars, and Florida fiscal paper such as Bonds, National Bank Notes, and Obsolete paper money. We offer discreet services in evaluating your current holdings, recommendations on future acquisitions, and represent you in purchases, and liquidations. 

We believe firmly that numismatic holdings have a proper place in your personal wealth management. We not only believe, but know with an absolute certainty, that our nearly 40 years as both a collector and dealer provide us with a valuable skill level necessary in building a portfolio with minimal overhang.

Our goal is to build your numismatic portfolio for not only your personal appreciation, but also for your wealth appreciation.

A confidential consultation is your next step!